Create a List of Items for Moving

It’s very important to create and maintain a packing list when moving in order to keep track of all the goods that are being shipped.

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Even if you’re hiring a moving company to handle your packing, make sure to maintain your own packing inventory list as well just to be on the safe side.

Once you know that you’re going to move in the near future, make a list of all the items that will be moved. Make sure you have plenty of time to finish the list, before your movers arrive on move date. If you make an attempt to complete the list in short time while rushing to meet the deadline, there is a possibility that you will miss out on a few important points.

Creating a list of items for moving is not at all a complicated task. Pick a room in your place and use it as a starting point. Do not miss out on any furniture, fixture, or any other items that are going to be moved. Add paintings and decoration pieces to the list as well if any.

You can either use a computer or just a piece of paper with your manual writing as tool to create the list. Divide a sheet of paper in number of columns that you wish to take type of information you want to write down about the list.

For example:
In the first column write the name of the item while the second column should contain the estimated value of the item that is listed.

In the third column you can write some notes regarding the condition of the item since you will want to note the condition of the item after it is moved, and continue with filling out the other columns with type of information that you’d like take down about the goods you’re planning on moving. There are chances of wear and tear during the move and if there is any loss you can point that out to your moves at the time of delivery at destination address. You can use another column for your reference and should contain the location of the item where they’re packed.

If you make an inventory packing list it would only help you as you will have a record of your belongings. You will be easily able to track down things if they go missing.

Disclaimer: Above information is only some general information for preparing for a move and should be used at readers’ discretion.

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